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     The Manual Editing and Translation Department is mainly engaged in multi-languages translation of English, Japanese, Russian, and French, etc. and the planning and editing work. The work range mainly refers to Automobile Repair Manual, Owner’s Manual, forklift, machine tool, F1 Racing Car, motor and loom series etc.. Since 2005 our company had applied the new process, whose core is GC-Chinese-Japanese-English Automobile Information Dictionary, GC-Automatic Automobile Data Conversion System and Trados memory software, and thus, the efficiency and quality have been greatly improved and the unity, speciality, accuracy and rapidity of the target language have been ensured. Till now, the department has edited, translated and developed various manuals of automobile, machine tool, forklift, loom, motor, and sanitary ware series etc., which is reaching ten millions of pages.
Main Work Achievements:
Automobile series:
Repair Manual, New vehicle Characteristics Introduction, Circuit Diagram, Automobile Damage Repair Manual, Flat Rate Manual, Owner's Manual, Navigation System Owner's Manual, vest-pocket Driver's Handbook, Decomposition Handbook, Emergency Guidance, etc.
Machine tool series:
CNC Instruction Manual, Configuration Principle Manual, Maintenance Manual,Programming Manual, Components Manual, CNC Computer Screen, Nameplates, Warning Information, etc.
Forklift series:
Repair Manual, User's Manual, etc.
Loom series:
Instruction Manual, Safe Operation Manual, Configuration and Function Instruction, etc.
Motor Series:
Configuration Principle Manual, Maintenance Manual, etc.
Hygienic equipment series:
Instruction Manual, Installation Manual, etc.
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Automobile series   Forklift series   Loom series
Machine tool series   Hygienic Equipment Series   Electrical Machine Series
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