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General manager is introducing our ...
General manager is introducing our ...
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  Our company becomes the practice base of postgraduates of MTI from foreign langu  2010-5-29 
  Foreign teacher Futianzhengze and teacher Liu Jingzhe from Japanese department of Hebei Normal University take students to visit our company  2010-6-10 
  General Manager of our company is invited to attend “the First Seminar of the construction of off-school practice base in Hebei University of Science and Technology”  2010-6-10 
  Personnel form Japanese CMC Corporation, Dadi Corporation visit our company and discuss the cooperation issue  2010-6-10 
  Some students from Shijiazhuang Tiedao University come to practice in our company  2010-6-10 
  Our company moves to a new place  2010-6-10 
  Chief leaders of HYDROCHINA Beijing Engineering Corporation makes a study in our company  2010-6-10 
  General Manager Liu Zhancha has a face-to-face communication with students from Hebei Normal University  2010-6-10 
  Our company becomes the practice base of Shijiazhuang Tiedao University  2010-6-10 
  Our company is confirmed as key contact unit by Department of Commerce of Hebei province  2010-6-10 
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